Things to Do on Catalina Island

Boats: Small Boat Rentals

The Pleasures of Renting a Small Boat in Avalon

Some folk are likely to feel exhausted at the mere mention of a vacation spent enjoying the crystal-clear waters that surround Santa Catalina Island. After all, the island is renowned for such recreational activities as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and sport fishing.

But it is possible to gain a first-hand experience of Catalina's water-borne pleasures at a far more leisurely pace–through the rental of small boats, motor boats, pedal boats, or even paddle boards. You'll find all such easy-to-operate small watercraft available for rent.

Rent a small motor boat and explore the waters in and around Avalon Harbor at your leisure. If you like, you can even rent fishing tackle while you're at it to try your hand in the most gentle way possible at the sport that had drawn visitors to Catalina for more than a century.

Or go pleasure boating with no goal at all other than to enjoy the refreshing taste of cool salty air as you skim across the surface of the water. Bring a lunch or snack along, perhaps, to enjoy al fresco eating at its best.

One of the most delightful ways imaginable to meander through Avalon Harbor's waters is in a pedal boat. For a small hourly rental fee, you and a friend–or you on your own, for that matter–can take out one of these charmingly old-fashioned watercrafts out. Sit back, work the pedals back and forth with your feet just like you used to do when you were a child riding a tricycle, and glide gently through the water, taking in all the activities of the bustling bay.

If you feel like expending just a little more energy, and maybe run the delightful risk of getting wet in the process, why not rent yourself a paddle board? Even more reasonable priced than Catalina's paddle boats, these sleek, slender little water crafts are easy to pilot. Just sit down on its slip-resistant little deck (wearing your swimsuit, of course), grab the paddle with both hands, and start propelling yourself through the water, moving each end of the paddle alternately through the water. You'll get the hang of it in no time, finding it's an ideal way to zip through the waters of Avalon Harbor.

Whatever small rental craft you choose, you'll come away feeling as if you've experienced Catalina Island's maritime pleasures first hand, with all the leisure you were expecting from your getaway–and very little of the exertion!

Arranging Rental Boats in Avalon
Whether you want pedal boats, paddle boards, or small motor boats (including 10- and 15-horsepower motors) for cruising or fishing, you'll find all the options you need for Avalon boat rentals right on the Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon Harbor. Stroll along the pier to one of the reputable businesses that rent out Coast Guard-approved vessels by the hour, half-day, or day. You can also rent fishing gear. All rentals require a major credit card or cash.

Note that pedal boats and paddleboards are limited to Avalon Harbor only. Motorboats may be taken out beyond the harbor for fishing or cruising along coastal waters outside of Avalon Bay.

Whatever craft you choose, dress appropriately, wearing light clothing or bathing suits (especially for paddle boards). It's a good idea to apply sunscreen beforehand, as well as to wear a hat and sunglasses. Bring along a camera, too, to capture the unique scenic beauty of the landscape, seascape, and ocean life along Catalina's shores.

For longer excursions, it's a good idea to bring along a lunch or snack and beverages. A wide variety of food stores and restaurants in Avalon, as well as snack bars on the pier, can accommodate your needs.

Note that the U.S. Coast Guard limits motorboats and rowboats to a maximum of six passengers. Outside of Avalon Harbor, watercraft cannot be beached, and must remain 300 feet from the shore.

Time to Allow: On hour to all day.
Reservations are not required.
Prices and availability are subject to change.