Things to Do on Catalina Island

Relax: Spas, Massage and Fitness

Enjoy a World-Class Spa Vacation During Your Avalon Stay

Spa vacations are among the hottest trends in the world of travel today. The premise is simple: You head to a beautiful, remote destination, then avail yourself of its carefully planned program of spa and massage treatments, fitness classes, and healthy cuisine.

Alas, at many spas you also realize, too late, that there's very little else to do there!

That drawback doesn't happen when you plan a spa vacation on Santa Catalina. Yes, the island feels as remote and beautiful as any spa, even though it's incredibly easy to reach. Yes, the island offers virtually any spa treatment or type of massage you can imagine, plus fitness and aerobics classes, and a gym for those staying at Hamilton Cove. Of course, you can find a wide range of healthy and delicious foods in Avalon's many restaurants. (Even the buffalo burgers are lower in fat than conventional beef!)

The difference is, you don't just get to pick and choose what you want to do, when, and where when you plan a Catalina spa vacation. You also have all the other great variety of activities and attractions to enjoy on the island. There's never a dull moment!

So, you may wonder, what does Avalon have to offer to the spa-minded visitor? Let's start with the spas themselves. You have a choice–not only of spas to visit in the heart of town or on its outskirts but also a spa that will actually come to you in your hotel room! The array of treatments available will amaze you: facials, scalp treatments, body scrubs, steam rooms, detoxifying mud wraps, aromatherapy, raindrop therapy, and much more. Then there are the massage options, which include Swedish, Thai, reflexology, hot stone, deep tissue, shiatsu, and acupressure–all at the hands of expertly trained therapists. You can even get couple's massages, and massages beside the sea!

If your spa tastes run to something more strenuous, Avalon has a wide choice of personal training, aerobics, and fitness classes. They offer a complete roster of classes that include kick-fitness, body sculpting, and the popular spinning classes that provide a great aerobic workout on stationary bikes. Be sure to check's Calendar of Events for a complete listing of all fitness classes.

Add other leisurely or active pursuits, including walking tours, bicycling around Avalon or mountain biking in the interior, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, or a round of golf, and you'll come away from your time on Catalina convinced that you've just been to one of the world's great spa destinations.

Planning Your Catalina Spa and Gym Activities
As you would for any spa vacation, the most important thing you have to do is to plan ahead before your visit to Catalina. Review the wide range of options offered by Avalon's various spa, massage, and gym facilities. Then, as far in advance as you can, especially during high tourist season, call up those that sound right for you and make appointments for your stay.

That's not to say that you can't enjoy them without advance planning. All spas experience cancellations, and if you call, ask politely, and show some flexibility in your schedule, you may well be surprised by a last-minute appointment.

At the gym or fitness classes, be careful not to succumb to the exhilaration of being on vacation by overextending yourself. Level with yourself and with the trainer or teacher about your fitness and ability level, and don't push yourself too hard. Remember: Nothing can put a damper on vacation fun quite like stiff, sore, or pulled muscles! Better to opt for more gentle activities that will leave you feeling invigorated.

Always allow yourself a good window of time for your spa or athletic club visit. Give yourself at least a half an hour before the appointed time–to steam or shower before a massage, for example, or to stretch and warm up before a workout. Then give yourself at least another half an hour after the treatment or class to unwind and allow yourself time to appreciate the feeling of ease and bliss.

Time to Allow: One to several hours.
Reservations are recommended.
Prices and availability are subject to change.