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Women’s Putting Tournament Dedicatd to Cathy Sweeney

Monday, June 19, 2017

Catalina Island Women’s Golf Club

Women’s Putting Tournament Dedicatd to Cathy Sweeney Women’s Putting Tournament Dedicatd to Cathy Sweeney Women’s Putting Tournament Dedicatd to Cathy Sweeney

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AVALON, Calif. – "Cathy Sweeney was a class act," noted Catalina Island Women's Golf Club President Ellen Guion. "She did everything with grace and elegance. We will miss her as a valuable member of our golfing community and a wonderful friend and mentor. We dedicate this tournament to her memory." Pausing, Guion added: "She was such fun. I remember years ago we would just go out and hit golf balls every day. Didn't matter where they went, we just had such a good time laughing and fooling around. Cathy was instrumental working with the girls' golf teams at the high school for years. I will miss her so much--as will we all."

The annual summer putting tournament at the Hamilton Cove course featured six teams and 24 women, with lunch at the Blue Water Avalon and beautiful vases of flowers  donated by Judy Johnson to be given to the Sweeney family.

The first place team honors went to Elizabeth Madden, Maria Reyes, Barbara Ehret and Ellen Shensky.

Second place was Val Schafer, Judy Johnson, Cindy Wilmoth and Jenny Armstrong.

Third place was a tie between Carol Deets, Lee Black, Anni Marshall and Mary Cornelius on one team and Elena Maria, Arlene Freedman (Elena's mother), Phyllis Lorenzen and Judy Grear.

Betty Tejeda and Cindy Wilmoth tied for best individual score.

Hole-in-one winners were: Ellen Shensky with two and Maria Reyes and Judy Johnson with one each.

This putting tournament is held each year to mark the beginning of summer. Women's golf will now begin play at 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays. All are welcome. "Playing level is not important," stressed Guion. "Cathy Sweeney was a classy example of this. She would help anyone with their game at any time. We all try to keep up that tradition--just come out any Thursday at 8:30."

Catalina Island Women’s Golf Club

Catalina Island Women’s Golf Club

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The Catalina Island Women's Golf Club meets on Thursday mornings. Anyone may join and any level is welcome and we would be delighted to introduce anyone to the game. We have a good time and are only 'sorta' competitive but golf really is a more individual game. You get a really nice atmosphere and just try to make your own game better. The group also goes to lunch each Thursday and often former members or players or visiting friends join them for lunch. To learn more, contact Val Schafer at
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