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Teen wins third iPad from Digital Library Series

Los Angeles County Public Library

The third of six digital seminars related to media use of library resources was held on December 13 and related to audio books. The next seminar is January 10. This one explains music downloads which are free through the library system. The Tuesday seminars are funded by a grant from the county Friends of the Library and the Avalon Friends. At each of the six seminars, a mini iPad is given away to encourage more use of the library thorough media.

This time, several young people attended the seminar with Emmanuel Perez winning the iPad.

"We are glad young people want to make use of the library," said Friends president Judy Grear. "They are not afraid of media and will be able to teach us all how to use things in the future. For the rest of us, we are lucky that all librarians know how to do all this and will help us at any time. Just stop in at the library and ask."

To use the library's digital resources, all anyone needs is a library card. "Anyone can get a library card at any age," said Celia Barriga, library specialist. "There may be a problem if the person has library fines, though," she added. Kids often check out several movies, then lend them to their friends and never follow through as to whether they have been returned. They end up with lots of fines so their library privileges are lost. "We will work with them to pay the fines," she added. "It doesn't matter. A dollar a week or something, just come in and we will work it out, but using the library saves so much money, it doesn't make sense to not have the option."

The next seminar will relate to music: how to download a song a week for free through the library is one of the aspects which will be taught. Bring any digital device you have and your library card. To obtain a library card, just stop in and request one. The cards are free. (A replacement card is $5 if you lose the first one).  This seminar is on Jan. 10 from 7-9 at the library, 215 Sumner Ave.

The next Thursday educational seminar is on Navigation with Alison Osinski. Osinski will teach a hands-on overview of digital navigation and use of apps related to boating. If you have questions about the new boating licensing, Osinski will have handouts and advice. This seminar will be on Thursday, Jan. 5 from 7-9 at the library.