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Seeds Remind Patients to Help Medical Center "Grow" its Quality of Service

Catalina Island Medical Center

In March 2016, Jason Paret, CEO of Catalina Island Medical Center contracted with Press Ganey, an industry leader in measuring and evaluating hospital performance, to know “what we do well and what needs to change.”  Patients are asked to grade their most recent health care experiences in the emergency department, physician’s office, laboratory, radiology and physical therapy. This information has revealed that there’s work to be done.

Challenges in the consistency of staffing at the medical group office have been met with the hiring of a new permanent family practice physician, Dr Aimee Warren. Feedback about the appearance of the clinic lobby motivated CIMC to paint, put in new flooring and upgrade the reception area furnishings. Concerns about long “wait times” made the staff set a goal of 15 minutes from arrival to care (and stay close to achieving it).

Other recent steps taken for better communication and enhanced customer service are reflected in rising scores and positive comments from patients. CIMC is still listening. In appreciation, Hamlin and the Clinic staff are giving a small gift back to patients who are helping CIMC achieve new benchmarks.

Basil seedling packets are a token of CIMC’s efforts to “grow” the level of medical care and patient satisfaction to the highest possible levels.  The public is invited to pick up a seed package from the clinic lobby on their next visit or during regular operating hours (8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday).  Follow the directions: (Put the pellet in water until it swells up, then place it in a cup. Tuck the basil seeds in the top, keep them moist and wait for them to grow.)

CIMC continues to respond to patient feedback and wants to hear more about how patients feel. What could CIMC do to make a medical appointment be an excellent experience?  What services can CIMC provide to more fully meet the needs of the community? 

After an emergency room visit or an appointment in the Medical Group Office, laboratory, radiology or physical therapy, a percentage of Catalina Island Medical Center patients will receive a brief questionnaire. An online link or a written survey in the mail will give residents and visitors the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about how CIMC is doing and what needs improvement in areas such as quality of care, efficiency of services, communication, safety and overall patient satisfaction.

If you receive a patient survey please reply promptly.  It only takes a few minutes and the insights and comments you share will pinpoint areas that may need effort, resources and positive change.  CIMC also wants to recognize staff members who have given excellent service and appreciate that information as well.  All responses are reviewed but remain strictly confidential.

Just as the basil seedlings will grow, CIMC wants to nurture and serve its residents and visitors by providing excellent care in a setting that promotes health and wellness.

To make an appointment in the Medical Group Office, please call (310) 510-0096.  For other questions about medical services or to speak to someone about a concern, please call (310) 510-0700. CIMC is listening and cares about each patient’s needs.

Catalina Island Medical Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality health care to each individual and improve the overall health of the community.  Patients: tell us what you think.  It’s a team effort to help make island health care better for future patients and their families.