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Second Digital Device Won by Abby Torres

Los Angeles County Public Library

The second in a series of seminars on the use of digital devices was proctored by Angie Macias-Mendez on November 8 at the Avalon Library. This seminar featured explanations as to how to download digital books through the OverDrive app on the library website.

"Log onto the website to access e-books," said Macias-Mendez. "Go to downloads then click on e-books, then on OverDrive. There is also and OverDrive help button if you need it. Use your library card number on the back of your card, then your PIN number (which you get from your librarian). Once you are set up, you don't need to do this all the time."

There is a "dashboard" home page which tells all about how to request a book, how many books are available, how many days you may keep the e-book, and so on. "There are no  late fees for e-books," said Macias-Mendez. "They just expire, so you never have to worry."

OverDrive is also in Spanish and Chinese, she noted. The most confusing is the "format" icon. This relates to E-pub books as different from "Kindle" books. The "Kindle" books are just a format that you can get through the library app. It does not mean the Kindle device itself. "I like the "Kindle" format," said Macias-Mendez. "It has lots of extras like a sepia background." She added that you DO NOT pay for the books through the library version of the app even though you have to go through your Amazon account. "If it says to pay something, you have not logged onto the library aspect of the app," she stressed. "Library e-books are free."

If you have any questions, the librarian on duty will always help you.

With E-pub (electronic publications), you go straight to library books without having to go through Amazon.

Kelly Morgan of Toyon Bay, last month's iPad winner, worked the program on her new device as Macias-Mendez used Celia Barriga's personal device to walk the audience through the process, both through Amazon and through E-pub.

"Is it smart like the Amazon program when it knows what books you like to read?" asked a member of the audience, referring to the library E-pub app. "Yes," replied Macias-Mendez. "After a while it will start suggesting things for you."

The next digital event will be Dec. 13 from 7-9 and will deal with audio books. The Dec. 1st health seminar will be Julie Tibbetts who will demonstrate and discuss acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage, meditation, holistic medicine and alternative therapies.

All the seminars are funded through the Friends of the Avalon Library and are paid for through a matching grant. The LA County Library provides for the librarians and the extra hours.