Catalina Island News

Rotary and SCE Summer Landscape Project

Southern California Edison

Crescent Ave and along The Mole got a bit more colorful thanks to a $5,000 donation by Southern California Edison (SCE).  Solicited by the Rotary Club in Avalon, the donation from SCE and a matching allocation from the City of Avalon, spurred a Community Gardening Day which was successful in planting over 100 trees and plants in the way of a variety of palms, shrubs and succulents.  The “greenification” project started at the tip of the Cabrillo Mole where native plants to Catalina were planted in a rock garden in the outline of quarry rock in the shape of Catalina Island and ended at the Via Casino Archway with new plantings throughout.

Special thanks go out to: Southern California Edison for the donation; the Rotary Club for securing the donation, all the Rotarians that came out for the Gardening Day and especially Cliff Hague and Linda Silo for all the job walks and trips over-town for the plant purchasing to make the day successful;  the Lion’s Club for their service the day of the planting; the experienced field staff at The Catalina Island Conservancy for their assistance the day of the planting; the general public came out to support the project; and Jeffrey Hernandez with the City of Avalon and the Public Works staff for all their work in prepping the landscape beds and clean-up after the project.
We hope this will be the start of future community planting projects where different organizations and community members can come together to enhance the community of Avalon in which we all have come to love!  Plans are in the works for another planting this fall and if you are interested in assisting, please contact Dan Huncke, City of Avalon, at or by phone at 310-510-022.