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Ride the Garibaldi

City of Avalon

The City of Avalon's new, all-electric public buses went into service Monday, June 6, 2016, and have been well received by visitors and residents. Catalina Chamber of Commerce Staff went on a ride along this week
to experience the bus, routes and stops.

Over the past year, the City of Avalon has been going through the process of publicly bidding the operation of its transit program. The city’s transit program which consists of a fixed-route bus and Dial-a-Ride is wholly funded through a variety of grants that require the city periodically publicly bid the operating contract.

The successful contractor, Transportation Concepts, operates similar, small transit programs throughout California. The City Council’s objective in the request for proposal was to re-vamp the bus system with longer hours of operation and more frequency around the downtown area. Additionally, Transportation Concepts will operate the Dial-a-Ride program, which offers service to passengers 65 years old and older.

The new Transit System, “Avalon Transit,” will operate 365 days a year, with bus service beginning at 7:20 a.m. at the Cabrillo Mole, and Dial-a-Ride service from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. The new bus route will be serviced by the city’s new, 22-foot, all-electric buses, paid for in large part with a grant from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The new bus service, named “The Garibaldi,” will be an affordable transportation alternative, only costing $1 to ride.

Avalon Transit’s Dial-a-Ride service began June 1, 2016, for seniors and disabled passengers and will cost $2 (in town) and $4 to Pebbly Beach and Hamilton Cove. For more information, the new phone number is 310-510-0081 and their offices will be located at 308 Crescent Ave. (former taxi booth).

Catalina Transportation Services will offer a taxi voucher program for qualified residents who do not meet the requirements for the Dial-A-Ride program. For more information, contact Catalina Transportation Services at 310-510-0342.

Bus routes, schedules and additional information regarding Avalon Transit can be found by going to