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Ribbon Cutting for the Avalon Fit Trail

City of Avalon

Avalon Gets The Gift of Fitness For Christmas The City of Avalon hosted a Ribbon Cutting, or Ribbon Unwrapping, on Friday December 23rd for the Avalon Fit Trail at Kid's Park just in time for Christmas.  About 30 people were on-hand for the celebration with festive music, healthy snacks and a 20 minute demonstration class to "get fit" prior to all the holiday goodies.

Mayor Anni Marshall led the ceremony with a greeting the community and warm holiday wishes.  Council Member Cassidy and Council Member Hernandez were also on hand to assist Jen Monroe (with little baby) and Audra McDonald with the cutting of the ribbon to open the Fit Trail.

The Avalon Fit Trail at Kid's Park features a mix of both cardiovascular and strength training equipment by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, the largest of outdoor fitness equipment for parks, school and community facilities.  The Avalon community will find 17 pieces of equipment ranging from bikes and elliptical machines to a chest press and a leg press.  The area also features a wheelchair accessible pull-down and vertical press machine for those in need.

Work continues at Joe Machado Field on a linear piece of Greenfields fitness equipment that will host 8 exercises and link the two parks together.  Work at Joe Machado Field is scheduled to be completed by the 4th of January and open to the public.

The Avalon Fit Trail is open to the public during the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm and is intended to be used by individuals 14 years and older.  The Avalon Fit Trail and the opening of Joe Machado Field is just the start of more fitness opportunities to come for the Avalon community and their guests.  During the December Strategic Planning session hosted by the City Manager and City Council, "Healthy Community" was listed as a priority of the City Council and the Avalon Fit Trail gives just one more opportunity for just that.