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New Outdoor Channel Show Shoots First Episode in Avalon

The Outdoor Channel

Lee Horsley earned celebrity status in the 80s as the lead in a number of television shows and movies, the most memorable of which was the long running series Matt Houston. He was best known for his swarthy good looks and hero qualities. An excellent horseman and outdoorsman, Lee naturally became interested in hosting hunting and fishing shows. The Outdoor Channel contracted with Lee to host a new series dubbed Western Sportfishing with Lee Horsley, and he chose Afishinado Charters of Avalon for the first episode.

Afishinado Charters is operated by Capt. John King, Avalon's only I.G.F.A. Certified Captain and a recent winner of the Catalina Classic Marlin Tournament. John has two boats available for charter, the Mojo and the Afishinado. "A two-boat shoot is always more interesting for the viewer. We ran both boats for a television show we shot with Ronnie Kovach last year and the show was a big hit. It has run more than 18 times on Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket. Every time that show runs we get calls about fishing Catalina Island from all over the Western United States." Said Capt. John.

"When Lee Horsley's TV people contacted me to take Lee fishing around Catalina for a new show to be aired on the Outdoor Channel, I immediately agreed to participate. The Outdoor Channel is a national channel and we will give Catalina some great exposure by

doing the show. Unfortunately, we had only one day to shoot and it was right after that big south swell hit us. Fishing was not great, but we got Lee on 10 different species of fish which will make for a great show."

"I also hooked up Lee with Russ Armstrong of Armstrong's Seafood. Many of my customers enjoy eating what they catch and so I send them in to Russ. It seemed a natural to include this in the show. Russ is a great host and his newest cook Mark is a wizard with creative fish dishes."

"The Western Sportfishing team was great about including some color shots of Avalon to round out the show. The Avalon Hotel offered to help with accommodations for the crew and so we shot the interview segment with Lee and I on the rooftop patio of the Avalon with the harbor and Casino as our backdrop. Of course, we had to include my biggest sponsor in the show so the crew stopped in to our Fish Catalina store (105 Pebbly) where my wife Karen sold them some Fish Catalina shirts and hats as well as some of the beautiful fish-themed art and jewelry in the store."

The show will air on the Outdoor Channel in July. Air dates are yet to be determined, however, we will pass these on to the newspaper and to the chamber so everyone can see the show.

For more information contact Capt. John of Afishinado Charters at 323-447-4669