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New course record set in 33rd annual Catalina Marathon

Catalina Island Marathon

Under near perfect conditions and sunny skies, the 33rd annual Catalina Marathon introduced a new course record set by female winner Heather Fuhr with a time of 3:07:00.The "Number 1 Off Road Marathon" course did not disappoint this year; the 23 miles of trail were hard and fast with spectacular views of the ocean and even a few buffaloes. This unique event allows athletes an "inside look" into the interior of historic Santa Catalina Island, running from Two Harbors to Avalon across a mostly uninhabited landscape.

The Catalina Marathon is a favorite of first-timers and veterans, locals and international athletes alike. The climb to an elevation of 1600 feet and the laid-back atmosphere of the Island turn the marathoners into a tight-knit community of athletes. "Year bars" hang from hats of dedicated runners; five of whom have run the race in all of its 33 consecutive years.

Saturday's overall winner was Joshua Loren of Wilmington, Delaware with a time of 3:02:04. Fuhr's course-record 3:07:00 beating Danelle Ballangee's 1997 time of 3:15:20.

Also featured this weekend were a 10k and 5k race. The winners of the 10K were Mike Ruhe (38:03) and Jessica Routt (47:55). Winning the 5k were Milan Mali (18:23) and Sherri Elerby (22:01).

Jack Caress, President and CEO of Pacific Sports, commented that this year's race had "perfect weather, maybe the best conditions ever for this race. It was great to see a new record set on this outstanding course."
The Catalina Marathon serves as the final leg of the American Trail Championship and the 52.4 Pacific Challenge. The American Trail Championship (ATC) is the combination of last month's Buffalo Run Half Marathon (also on Catalina Island) and the Catalina Marathon, and the 52.4 Pacific Challenge is these two in addition to February 7th's Rose Bowl Half Marathon.

2010's American Trail Championship winner was Catalina Island resident Michael Wenger, age 17. His Buffalo Run (1:38:03) and Catalina Marathon (3:29:26) times combined for a winning result of 5:07:30. 

This year's 52.4 Pacific Sports winner was Allen Turrieta of San Diego, California, who finished all three races with a time of 6:40:50.

For more information about the race or for full results, please visit our website or call 714-978-1528.