Catalina Island News

Middle Ranch Reservoir Level above 600 acre feet


The Middle Ranch Reservoir Level reaches 602 acre feet, as of March 1, 2010. Although the level has risen above 600 acre feet the island will continue to be in Phase 1 rationing. Southern California Edison will release information regarding this matter in the very near future. When you live on an island it always helps to save as much water as you can and SCE is offering free water saving devices to customers.

Available for immediate pick up at either City of Avalon City Hall or the Southern California Edison Pebbly Beach Generation Station are the following water saving devices:

A kit that includes:
Flow Meter Bag
Kit bag doubles as flow meter bag to identify water wasters throughout the home.

Leak Detection Tablets and Tips
Two moisture-resistant packets containing FDA-certified, nontoxic dye tablets are used to detect leaks. Instruction card also includes useful tips to fix leaky faucets.

Shower Timer
Simply rotate half a turn when you start your shower; stop when the last grains of sand fall- 5 minutes. Safe, durable, ultra break-resistant - a great tool for adults and children.

Drip Gauge
Place the small, cylindrical cup under a drip, then calculate how many gallons of water are wasted daily.

Outside of the kit, but also available:

1.5 GPM Dual-Spray Kitchen Aerator with Swivel and Pause Valve
Powerful 1.5 Gallons Per Minute flow. Great for washing dishes. Pause action reduces flow to a trickle while keeping temperature consistent.

1.5 GPM Dual-Thread Faucet Aerator
Saves 32% more water and energy than a standard 2.2 GPM aerator - that's 7,665 gallons of water annually!  Great for bathroom fixtures.

Water Miser 6-Position Thermoplastic Garden Hose Nozzle
Instant on/off control. Spray adjustment knob.