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Long Beach Community College welcomes Avalon Seniors

City of Avalon

On Wednesay, October 11, Long Beach Community College welcomed Seniors from Avalon High School, members of the Community Service Dept, and the Mayor to its Campus.  The trip was conceived by our Mayor Annie Marshall as a way to expose some of the students to the industrial arts and a lower cost avenue to enter college.

The City of Avalon’s Community Service Dept worked with Avalon High School to organize the trip and with financial support from the Rotary Club it became an effort by the community to better the odds for our youth to create an easier path to higher education.
Once the students were on the LBCC’s new Electrical Technology and Senior Studies Facility, they were met by the Director of the Pacific Coast Campus Miles Nevin and the President of LBCC Dr. Reagan Romali.  They both talked about what LBCC had to offer as well as the Long Beach Promise which includes the first year of college for free.  They then took the group on tour of the campus showing them the new computer drafting systems with 3D printers bring your structural designs into reality, they saw the robotics building where they could learn to make robots for all situations, and the horticulture space where they teach you to grow and preserve nature organically.  These were a few of the many areas of what they had to offer in a degree or a certification course.  These classes were eye openers for the Seniors who did not think college was an option but now see the advantages of a higher Education.
The tour finished with a job fair where the students could see a direct correlation between education and well paying jobs. They then ate a delicious lunch from the Cafeteria.  The City and the School collaborated on making a commitment to those that want to continue their education at LBCC to get them back in Spring to do their pre-test and enrollment.  With LBCC doing everything they can to include and invest in the people of Avalon, there is no excuse why all of Avalonians could not pursue a higher education.  If you want to see what LBCC has to offer check out their website LBCC.EDU including their online courses.