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KISLís Meet the Voice: Wade McDonald

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This week: Redemption to a new life.

Wade McDonald not only came to Catalina by way of the ocean, but also came for the ocean-and just like a Cousteau discovery found KISL and became a part of the Island Radio dj team.

Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm KISL's green studio turns ocean blue as Wade shares positive messages about the environment and being a good person.

KISL: What brought you to Catalina Island, and then into the studio of KISL?

Wade: My fond memories as a child sailing here with my family in the early '70s, and my father's memories from Catalina in the 1940's connected me to the island. What drew me to KISL is my passion for the arts. I want to expose listeners to different types of music, positive music of any kind. In my life I have grown to understand a relationship with my creator. I have a strong desire and purpose to try and steer my fellow human beings, especially young people, away from drugs and a life of addiction.

KISL: In the past you have been a professional diver, how much of your love of the ocean do you bring into your show?

Wade: I look at it that my true job is to try and live the best as I can, not just for myself, but others, and I bring that into the studio with me through music. I love the ocean, when I was three I fell off a boat, and it was love at the start. I am actively involved with respecting the ocean and everything in the ocean, I do what I can to improve things, and that comes out in the songs I play.

KISL: How would you characterize your show?

Wade: I like to share positive notes for people, that people might be able to relate to, that they might be going through, songs of hope, songs of trouble. Where people find trouble they can also find hope and inspiration. My biggest hope and inspiration comes from my family and my beloved wife Magdalena, and people I don't even know, a stranger can give you hope sometimes.

KISL: You are leaving the island soon, are you going to be able to continue your show?

Wade: Yes I am. I am headed off the continental U.S. to Hawaii, and I will be producing my show there and broadcasting it here at KISL.

KISL: What is the hardest part about being a dj?

Wade: For me, there is none. Ever since I was a kid I was taking things apart and putting them together, making electric sounds. It comes naturally, when I was young I would write out the notes to music as I listened to it.

KISL: If you could have any guest in the studio, who would it be, and why?

Wade: It would be my grandma Lena and my grandpa Poppy. So we could sit down and spend the time that we haven't been able to have since they are no longer physically here with us.

KISL: As the newest member of the KISL dj team what advice would you have for someone with no experience?

Wade: Life is full of challenges, follow your dream, get in there and learn. Try to not worry, life is about learning, and if we can't do it, at lest we tried.

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