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KISL's Meet The Voice: Tim Martinelli as Don Timoteo

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This week: All stories big and small and rock and roll.

Monday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm Tim Martinelli takes his place behind the mic as Don Timoteo. Avalon's Hot Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Radio Free Avalon, a division of Jivlander Publishing is a mouthful to say, but isn't even the tip of the iceberg once 'the Don' starts to fill the airwaves. We sat down with Tim so he could share with us why he thinks sharing stories and ideas is so important, as well as having some good old humorous fun along the way.

KISL: Can you explain the title of your show?

Tim: Avalon's Hot Air is because I give my political opinions and play Rock n' Roll. The original idea was to do a mostly satirical and commentary radio program. The first show began with playing 26 Miles Across the Sea, then a sound effect of a record being smashed and going into Monkey Man by the Rolling Stones. We do fake news, fake traffic reports, fake weather, that is the Jivlander Publishing part. And Radio Free Avalon was the first show I did over a decade ago. And by "we" I mean whoever I can drag into the studio.

KISL: What can listeners expect to hear during your show?

Tim: Right now it is down to good classic Rock n' Roll, I try to play live recordings as much as possible. I also cover unusual news and share my opinions. I don't do local stuff too much anymore. Steve Shawver really liked to do local news and we made a good team when we first started years ago, but now I just like to confuse people with my politics. I am a Marxist Lennonist, meaning I follow the teachings of Groucho Marx and John Lennon.

KISL: What is the most fun about having your own show?

Tim: I love having guests, and I love playing music, because I play the music I love. When they start making music better than the Stones or Beach Boys I'll play that, but I haven't found it yet. One of the goals that I have is a network of people all across the country having a connection to Avalon. A network where we can hear reports and stories from other parts of the country, too.

KISL: You often have guests in the studio, why is that such an important part of your show?

Tim: Bringing people in to be a part of the radio is important. Many times there is a kids party outside and I'll bring them in, ask them what they want to be or their favorite subject, that is the best thing, the people. I often have couples on vacation come in and they will talk about the history of their relationship vis-a-vis Catalina Island.

KISL: Would you recommend being a DJ to anyone else?

Tim: I would recommend that everyone in town come down and talk and share their stories. No matter how insignificant people think about their stories, they are the stories of our society and country. Sure Mitt or Obama might be in the news now, but the country itself sits on these "insignificant" stories of the people.
Anyone who wants to come down and say anything they want, as long as it doesn't break FCC rules, the door is always open. Well, the door is actually locked, but I'll open it when you knock.

KISL: (Question we ask everyone-courtesy of Sarah L.): If you were in a white room with no windows or doors, and the walls were of an infinite height what song would you listen to to lift you out of the room?

Tim: Monkey Man by the Rolling Stones.

If you want to see what it is like to hear your "insignificantly significant" story on the air stop by Monday nights with Tim, he will treat you will all the respect of a Don.

To get involved with KISL or to learn more about getting your own show on the air call 424-226-2837 (HAHA-BOATER) or contact Jordan Monroe the Community Outreach Director-