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Joe Machado Field Put to Use With New Artifical Turf

City of Avalon

During the winter season the City of Avalon was excited to utilize the new Joe Machado Field and offered two sports for the youth; Soccer and Flag Football. The City had great turnouts for both sports.  Soccer had 132 youth participating in 6 categories, 6u,8u,10u,12u,14u, and girls 10-14 yr olds.  Flag Football had 72 youth participating in 2 categories 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade.

Due to the new field we were able to transition from sport to sport, use the field every day for practice, run games for 6-8 hrs per day on the weekend, and only had one day stopped for rain out.  During that rain out the field was draining and still playable, you just couldn’t see due to how hard the rain was. The kids loved playing on the new field, due to true ball roll, diving for catches without worrying about injuries, and having an even playing field.  They are excited for t-ball, little league, and fast pitch softball coming up on the field.

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By David Hart
City of Avalon Recreation Coordinator