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Harbor Master Doug Oudin Announces Retirement After More Than Two Decades

Catalina Island Conservancy

After more than two decades as the man in charge of the harbor operations in Two Harbors on Catalina Island, Doug Oudin is dropping anchor and retiring in late May from his post as Harbor Master.

Oudin became the Harbor Master in the mid-1980s, managing all of the coves and mooring areas outside the City of Avalon, and also served as the Vice President of Harbor Operations for the past six years.  Over the course of his career, he has worked through the 1982 state land issues and worked very closely and seamlessly with the boating public, yacht clubs, state lands, sheriff's department and Coast Guard.

A 32-year resident of Two Harbors, Oudin began working in 1978 for Catalina Cove and Camping Agency, which later became Bombard Enterprises.  He worked in the maintenance department as a boat carpenter and during that time, he built the two bars that are still in use at the isthmus. In 1979, he became a patrolman with the Harbor Department.  Within two years, he was the Assistant Harbor Master, working under Harbor Masters Randy and Tim Bombard.

Oudin has been a licensed captain for 27 years, has his 100-ton master's license, and is an avid fisherman. He is the Vice President of the Catalina Sea Bass Foundation and can often be found casting a line for white sea bass.  He also is a board member of the Little Red Schoolhouse in Two Harbors.

Although Oudin is retiring to Grant's Pass, Oregon, he, of course, can't stand to be too far away from water.

"We're going to live within half-mile of the Rogue River, and I plan to do a lot of fresh-water fishing," said Oudin. "But I'm going to miss Catalina. It's been home for three decades, and I've made a lot of good memories here."

Those memories include marrying Maureen, his wife of 31 years, at the Banning House Lodge.  The couple raised two boys on Catalina Island, Trevor, 28, who graduated from University of Southern California, and Troy, 21, a junior at California Maritime Academy majoring in Marine Engineering.