Catalina Island News

Edison Lifts Catalina Island Water Rationing

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison (SCE) announced it has lifted Phase 1 Water Rationing on Catalina Island, which has been in effect since December 18, 2007.  Lifting of Phase 1 Water Rationing removes restrictions on allowable times for outdoor watering, as well as the ban on vehicle washing, among other restrictions.

Water rationing on Catalina Island is mandated by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC).  According to the CPUC, Phase 1 Water Rationing is implemented when Thompson Reservoir falls below 600 acre feet.  Phase 2 is implemented when the reservoir falls below 300 acre feet, and Phase 3 is implemented when the reservoir falls below 200 acre feet.

Recent rainfall has been plentiful on Catalina Island.  Total rainfall for the months of October through December, 2010 was 15.4 inches, and as of January 10, 2011 Thompson reservoir was at 923 Acre Feet.  For the months of October through December in 2009 total rainfall was 3.25 inches, and for the same period in 2008 total rainfall was 4.0 inches.

Despite the recent rainfall and end of water rationing, SCE is asking islanders to remain conservative in their water consumption due to the finite amount of water on Catalina Island and the normal arid state of the land.