Catalina Island News

Edison Donates De-Commissioned Diesel Engine to Museum

Southern California Edison

A massive, decommissioned diesel engine weighing over 80,000 pounds will be removed from Southern California Edison's Pebbly Beach facility by the end of June.  The engine will be donated to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California.   The museum intends to restore the engine to running condition, and will add it to their existing collection of operating antique engines.

Southern California Edison (SCE) currently generates electricity to Catalina Island through the Pebbly Beach Generating Station from six (6) diesel engine-generators. The diesel engine being donated, known as Unit 2, has been decommissioned since the mid-1970s.  Previously, Unit 2 was located within the lobby of SCE's Pebbly Beach facility as a display.  SCE is donating Unit 2 in order to provide additional space for an upcoming building remodeling project.

The exact date of Unit 2's installation is unknown, but it is thought to have been installed during the initial construction of SCE's Pebbly Beach facility in the early 1960s, when SCE commenced providing Catalina Island with electric service.