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Construction of New Avalon Community Begins

City of Avalon

For those who live and work on Catalina Island, affordable housing can present a serious challenge.  It's a difficult dilemma-you either have to squeeze your family into very small quarters, or pay a premium for a house that vastly exceeds your budget and needs.  On the island, it seems to be one extreme or the other.  There is little or no middle ground.  At least, that's the way it has been until now.

Sunday, March 15th, from 1 to 5 PM, Catalina Island residents will be able to take their first look at the brand new "Triana at Avalon" model home.  The Triana model is extraordinary for a number of reasons.  The most obvious reasons are the extraordinary design features and materials that were incorporated into the completed home.  This model home truly is a work of art. Every inch of the home is beautifully crafted and features appointments that you would not typically find in a new housing development.  But what is most amazing about Triana at Avalon is the fact that this affordable housing will be made available exclusively to full-time residents of Catalina Island.  Starting at just $399,000, homes in this new condominium community will offer affordability without compromise.

Though the model home has been built in Hamilton Cove, the new Triana community is being built in Avalon Canyon.  The project developer is Hamilton Pacific, LLC headed by Mike Flynn.  Flynn is a highly respected developer whose home base is Del Mar, California.  Flynn has more than three decades of experience building high-end properties in South Orange and San Diego Counties. A long time property owner on the Island, Mike is very familiar with meeting the challenges of construction in Avalon

The listing agent for Triana at Avalon is Catalina Island Real Estate, Avalon's premier real estate agency.  Kevin Strege, President of Catalina Island Real Estate, is excited about the project.  "I could never have imagined that homes of this quality could be offered for sale at such an affordable price.  The kind of features incorporated into this project are what you would likely find in homes sold for at least twice the price the Triana homes will be sold for.  The exciting news for residents of Catalina Island is that buyers from the mainland will not be allowed to purchase these properties."

The exclusivity that Strege refers to is an absolute fact.  In order to buy one of the homes in the Triana community you must live and work full-time on the island.  Strege points out, "If these homes were available to the public at large, they would be snapped up in an instant by real estate speculators.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You can own a condominium featuring the finest appointments-a home that is exceptional in every way-for a fraction of the price that you would normally have to pay."

The Triana model is, in fact, a real show piece.  Everything about it screams quality.  Nothing about the model gives away the fact that it is affordable housing.  The ceiling heights are nine feet with eight feet doorways.  The doors are made from solid wood as opposed to the hollow-core doors that are usually found in new developments.  Likewise, the trim and base moldings throughout the house are also solid wood.  The homes will boast an amazing list of amenities; from real wood-burning fireplaces to stainless steel appliances,  granite countertops in the kitchen, and travertine tile in the bathrooms. 

The developer, Mike Flynn, says, "We're using construction techniques that are so efficient, there is simply no need to compromise on the materials we use to build these homes.  We're creating a magnificent new neighborhood-and in a place like Avalon, doing it right is essential.  We just don't believe in cutting corners.  We want to offer people a better lifestyle on the island; an affordable house that is also a home that you can be infinitely proud of."

The first Phase of Triana at Avalon will consist of 17 units.  A variety of floor plans are available, offering 2 or 3 bedrooms up to 1806 square feet.  "This will be a true neighborhood community on the island, We are excited to show off the model this Sunday.  We think people will be absolutely stunned when they see how much quality they can get at a very affordable price," says Flynn. 

The Traiana model home will be open to the public this Sunday.  A shuttle will run from Descanso Beach parking area to the model home throughout the afternoon.  To see the model home for yourself, simply show up at Descanso Beach between the hours of 1 and 5 PM. Due to transportation restrictions we respectfully ask that visitation be limited to adults only.

With only 17 condos available initially, the homes are expected to sell very fast.  For more information, please contact Catalina Island Real Estate at 310-510-3000.