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Catalina Island Medical Center Welcomes Dr Dan Davis

Catalina Island Medical Center

“Medicine and understanding the human body provides the biggest challenge for those with a science aptitude,” shared Dr Dan Davis one of Catalina Island Medical Center’s physicians. As a UCLA Psychobiology undergrad he chose to pursue a medical degree and fellowship in neuroscience from UCSD (the University of California San Diego).

Dr Davis grew up near Los Angeles International airport and attended Westchester High School. He remembers coming to Catalina with his family and attending Boy Scout camp on the island. Now a medical specialist in “neuro protection” which means “saving the brain” through resuscitation, Dr Davis brings his considerable skills to the Emergency Department and Medical Group Office at CIMC.

As a faculty member at UCSD Dr Davis spent ten years developing a program to reduce “preventable death” with advanced resuscitation research and training. He left his teaching position at UCSD in July but continues to work with air ambulance companies, hospitals and clinics all over the world. Specifically he is a Scientific Advisor for Air Methods Corporation and Director of Training Curriculum at Mercy Air Medical in southern California.

With the departure of Dr Monte Mellon and Dr Tracey Norton, CIMC was reexamining physician staffing rotations for the hospital’s emergency department and clinic and Dr Davis offered to serve the island community.  He has brought his kids ages 15, 12 and almost 9 over to visit. He enjoys showing them the island he remembers from his youth.

With a fascination for Catalina history and an outdoorsman’s love of fishing, boating, diving, hiking and backpacking, Dr Davis is reveling in his time here. He also has a vision for the hospital’s future and improving all aspects of healthcare on the island. “The traditional boundaries of medicine are changing,” he shared.  “More options to transfer emergency patients to outpatient facilities, rehab centers and even home care will strengthen the care provided in the emergency room.”

Dr Dan Davis is a committed and accomplished new member of the Medical staff at CIMC. For more information on medical services or to make an appointment please call (310) 510-0096.