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Catalina Women's Golf Club Annual Partners Best Ball Tournament

Catalina Island Women's Golf Club

The Catalina Women's Golf Club held their annual "Partners Best Ball" tournament on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017. The winning partners were Alison Osinski and Val Schafer. Second place honors went to the team of Ellen Hodge and Pat Hoefs.

The contest required adding the best score of each hole by partner then figuring handicaps. "It is a fun way to be competitive," said member Judy Grear. "The idea is that at least one of you can be playing well on any particular hole. It gives new players a real chance because handicaps are then figured too. It's something that I like about golf: you are really playing against your own score most of the time and improvement can really show. This tournament was neat because if you play well on one hole and your partner plays well on the next hole, the final score might put you in the winners' column."

Nine Catalina women played the tournament then went to a wonderful lunch at newly redecorated Steve's Steak House. Everyone received a bag of tee prizes and Sue Bray shared candy from her trip to Hawaii. Pat Hoefs reminded everyone that her granddaughter would have a championship fight the following weekend. Tori Hoefs is a MMA fighter and will have another contest in Temecula.

Women's Golf is open to any female with any ability. CWGC encourages all players to come out at 8:45 on Thursday. There are many excellent players who are willing to give tips and advice to help a player improve. The club also helps to raise money for junior women's golf. Ellen Hodge has been the advisor for junior golf in the past and hopes the students will gather a team again this year. Anyone interested should contact Val Schafer at 310-510-0128.