Catalina Island News

Catalina Kids Fishing Derby

City of Avalon

The tradition of learning to fish off the pier every summer is a special moment for family members to catch summer memories on Catalina. Every Wednesday in the Summer from 7 am to 9 am the Catalina Fishing Derby takes place at the end of the Green Pier.

There are 2 age groups, 10 and under and 11 and over. With categories of most fish caught, biggest fish, most unusual fish overall most fish caught.
10 and under
Biggest Fish: 13 ½”  Hudson Miller from Northridge
Most caught: 23 Brian Fritzsh from Oceanside
11 and over:
Biggest Fish: 14 ¾” Miller Cone from Fountain Valley
Most Caught: 29 Miller Cone from Fountain Valley
Overall most caught:  29 Miller Cone from Fountain Valley
Most unusual Catch: oysters Boone Hamilton from Nevada City  
By David Hart
City of Avalon Recreation Dept.