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Catalina Island Women's Golf Annual Championships

Catalina Island Women's Golf Club

Catalina Island women in three separate flights played golf on Thursday, May 17,2017 to determine the Catalina Island Women's Golf Club champions. Annual 2017 Golf Championships were won by Betty Tejeda and Val Schafer.

In the first flight, playing 18 holes, Betty Tejeda brought in the best score and became the 2017 Catalina Island Women's Golf Club champion, with first low net honors going to Carol Deets and second low net Elena Maria.

In the second flight, Val Schafer is the nine-hole champion with first low net Pat Hoefs and second low net Sue Bray.

Jenny Armstrong won the third flight honors.

Fourteen women played in the tournament this year and went to lunch at Steve's Steak and Seafood restaurant afterwards.

Catalina Island Women's Golf welcomes women of any level. If interested, please contact Val Schafer 310-291-4551