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Catalina Island Conservancy to Celebrate the Launch of Hiking Trail Expansion New Trail Groundbreaking

Catalina Island Conservancy

On Oct. 14, the Catalina Island Conservancy will celebrate the launch of Trekking Catalina, the most extensive enhancement and expansion of its hiking trail network since the 2009 opening of the 37.2-mile Trans-Catalina Trail. It will host a new trail groundbreaking that will honor Los Angeles Fourth District County Supervisor Don Knabe and a celebratory picnic on Catalina’s wildlands.

Knabe and his staff have been champions of the Conservancy and Catalina, providing much-needed funding for numerous projects, including a $1.5 million Proposition A - Los Angeles County Regional Parks and Open Space grant for Trekking Catalina. The Conservancy’s wildlands are part of the LA County’s open space and natural areas.

The Conservancy is committed to providing nature-based recreational activities on the 42,000 acres of Catalina Island that it stewards, and it created Trekking Catalina, a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and expanded master trails system, to increase those opportunities. It will create 26.7 miles of newly developed hiking trails on the Island. To minimize the impact of the land, most of the trails will be created by upgrading and consolidating “social trails,” unofficial trails created by wildlife or the foot traffic of campers and other users over time.

The Conservancy will also seek to improve the hiking experience and help protect the environment by installing sustainable restrooms that will meet the need for clean and odor-free facilities. In addition, the Conservancy will install new signage to make it easier for hikers to find their way around the Island. Some of the trail expansion work will be performed by the Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CCLB) to fulfill Prop A youth employment goals. Through CCLB’s participation, Avalon youth will also have opportunities to work on the trail project so they can gain work experience in construction and conservation.