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Catalina Eco Marathon Registration Boost

Catalina Eco Marathon

Spectrum Sports Management welcomed the Catalina Eco Marathon last weekend (Sat, November 19, 2016) showing a profound increase in its number of registered runners. Throughout the year it has been their goal to expand Catalina’s running community and promote the conservation of the island’s pristine landscape by hosting these outdoor events.

“This year’s registration increase shows how important the conservation efforts are to community members and families who appreciate the pristine beauty and breathtaking views of Catalina,” said Mike Bone, Race Director. “Our work to promote Catalina Island as a top marathon destination has been backed by incredible support from our running community and we hope to continue this growth.

The Catalina Eco Marathon offered three races to avid runners who wanted to experience breathtaking trails and a pristine island landscape.

• The Catalina Eco Marathon took runners through the inner roads and trails of the interior of Catalina Island. Runners experienced Catalina Crush, a famous hill at mile 19 of the course and earned their buffalo finisher medal.

• The Half Marathon course climbed 1600 feet above the city of Avalon through challenging and rugged terrain taking runners through the Conservancy Nature Preserve, which manages a free-ranging herd of 150 bison.

• The Eco Marathon 10K started in the middle of Avalon taking runners over 2.5 miles of trails above the city landscape showing off Avalon’s most famous landmarks.

This Years Winners
1. Warren Davis (03:20:31)
2. Carlos Vizcarra (03:25:42)
3. Claus Holer (03:47:51)
4. Jim Kunevicius (03:47:51)
5. Tom Frank (03:49:13)
6. Kristin Burke (04:34:37)
7. Elizabeth Goldberg (04:38:07)
8. Susanne Edmands (04:45:44)

Half Marathon:
1. Travis Swaim (01:38:07)
2. Mike Kerkman (01:50:56)
3. Timothy Bassell (01:54:59)
4. Lauren Reasoner (01:55:46)
5. Paul Kingston (01:59:37)

1. Sam Russakov (00:38:00)
2. Robert Cunningham (00:38:37)
3. Tommy Oddone (00:40:45)
4. John Taylor (00:41:08)
5. Noah Semone (00:42:18)
6. Emily Vincent (00:43:29)

All marathon and half marathon finishers received a medal and training shirt after the race. All 10K runners received a shirt and overall finishers and top three in each age group received a medal. All kids also received a medal for their participation.

By Monika Donimirska