Catalina Island News

Capt. Alison Osinski hands-on marine navigation with an emphasis on digital programs

Los Angeles County Public Library

On January 5, 2017, responding to great demand, the Friends of the Avalon Library will present Capt. Alison Osinski teaching hands-on marine navigation--this time with an emphasis on digital programs. Bring your iPad, or iPhone or just come along to learn chartplotting, radar, weather instruments, AIS, and other boating navigation using the most reasonably priced electronic navigation apps.

The program begins at 7 p.m. thanks to the Los Angeles County Library system which has provided for our library to remain open for the Friends of the Library seminars once a month on the first Thursday and the second Tuesday.

Osinski will provide a list of affordable apps and explain their use. She will take participants on a hands-on cruise. "We'll check the weather forecast for the waters on which we'll be sailing, look at predicted wind speeds and wave heights, and check the Doppler RADAR for an inclement weather that we might be moving through. We'll gather information for our pre-sail checklist on moon phase and tides, times of sun/moon rise and sun/moon set, and review the meaning of various chart symbols, landmarks, soundings, and aids to navigation we'll encounter on our imaginary voyage," said Osinski.

Safety and education are hallmarks of Osinski's view as a marine captain. She regularly speaks at boating conventions and sails often.

"We'll set waypoints, plan a route, measure distances, determine a course to steer, check our (simulated) speed over ground, and estimate our time of arrival. We'll identlfy ships on AIS that might pose a risk of collision," she added. Once at the destination, Osinski will review the rules of anchoring and how to set the alarms on board. "Too often, people get into trouble because they forget the simple precautions of boating," she noted.

Osinski is also willing to provide information and insights as to the new boating licenses that will be required soon. She has materials and will offer suggestions as to how to study for the boating test and so on.