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Avalon Harbor Activity Report - July 2017

City of Avalon

July 1, 2017, was a bitter-sweet day for Avalon Harbor Patrol.  It was Harbor Master Brian Bray’s last day after 38 years of service to the department (yes, he was just a boy when he started!).  Brian is going to enjoy his retirement on the island, spending lots of time with his three growing boys.  Everyone here wishes him a happy and healthy retirement!

Assistant Harbor Master Poindexter is the Interim Harbor Master until a new Harbor Master is appointed by the City Manager and approved by the City Council.

The Fourth of July parades, one by land and one by sea, were enjoyed by all.  With the 4th on a Tuesday, the harbor was full over the four days.  Both Carnival Cruise ships were at anchor to enjoy the great fire works show. Thank you to all who contributed to the fire works!

There was a lot going on over the extended weekend, with the usual issues resulting from overindulgence.  However, no serious injuries were recorded.

The weather was fairly mild for July.  The hottest day was the 9th at 85° and the coolest day was on the 1st at 67°.  The water temperature went from 66° at the beginning of the month to the mid 70s by the end of the month.

July 2017 stats are as follows:
People aboard boats: 9,720
Vessels Moored: 2,430
Vessels Anchored: 209
Moorings Sold / Transferred: 3
Citations Issued / Discharges: 4/0
Total Cruise Ship Passengers: 24,039
Average Temp – High: 72
Average Temp – Low: 64
Average Sea Temp: 70
Rain: .00"
Rain Days: 0
Weather Warnings: 0