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Avalon Harbor Activity Report - December 2016

City of Avalon

Avalon saw 11 days of Small Craft advisories, 2 days of Gale advisories and 7 days of rain!  The total rain in December was just under 3 inches (or just over 2.5, but I’m a glass half full kinda person).

The town was beautiful with all the Holiday lights and decorations; even the pier was adorned with lights this year. The harbor was pretty quiet, but the boaters that braved the chilly weather got to participate in our December events:  Shop at Home Night saw most of Avalon’s residents and many visitors out and about; The Inn at Mt. Ada hosted a holiday open house; and the Museum hosted a Holiday Symphony Concert, featuring the Stanford Symphony Orchestra to name a few.  And, of course, there were numerous Holiday parties.  Avalon is a great place to be during the holidays!

This year’s weather predictions leading up to, and including, New Years Eve did not call for east, northeast or southeast winds!  The Harbor was fairly quiet, but saw about 125 boats come in just before the New Year weekend.

To help everyone get into shape this year, the City of Avalon was proud to dedicate its new Fit Trail on December 23rd.  Check it out…there are a variety of workout machines for the entire body!  The new fit trail starts at People’s Park, across from City Hall on Avalon Canyon Road, and terminates with additional machines at Joe Machado Field.  Get out in the fresh air and work those muscles!

Avalon Harbor wishes everyone a joyful and prosperous 2017!

December 2016 stats are as follows:
People aboard boats: 1,024
Vessels Moored: 256
Vessels Anchored: 5
Moorings Sold / Transferred: 2
Citations Issued / Discharges: 0/0
Total Cruise Ship Passengers: 23,329
Average Temp – High: 62
Average Temp – Low: 52
Average Sea Temp: 60
Rain (inches): 2.52
Rain Days: 7
Weather Warnings: 13

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