Catalina Island News

Avalon Harbor Activity Report - August 2017

City of Avalon

Most mornings this August began with “May Gray / June Gloom,” but quickly turned warm by mid morning.  The average water temperature was about normal at 71°.  It was very refreshing once the afternoon heat set in.  However, the best news about August’s weather…NO weather warnings!

The 60th Catalina Ski Race was held on August 12th with about 67 skiers beginning the race and 60 finishers.  The first skier to round the marker outside of Avalon Harbor arrived around 9:20 am and the first place winner took only 52 minutes!

The Avalon Harbor Department was proud to appoint part-time Harbor Patrolman, Paul Sanchez, to a full-time position.  Earlier this year, Marty Saldana was appointed a full-time position, as well (sorry, Marty, for not mentioning this earlier!).  If you see either of them around, please congratulate them!  We’ve added 4 part timers in the past year; half of them are home grown.

The Casino dinghy dock has been reinstalled and is ready for use.  The Casino dock restaurant RFP has still not been resolved.

The recruitment process for a new Harbor Master is on-going.  The list was culled down to four applicants, all of whom went through a second interview and were given a tour of Harbor operations.

August 2017 stats are as follows:
People aboard boats: 9,940
Vessels Moored: 2,485
Vessels Anchored: 259
Moorings Sold / Transferred: 1 / 1
Citations Issued / Discharges: 1 / 0
Total Cruise Ship Passengers: 23,486
Average Temp – High: 72
Average Temp – Low: 65
Average Sea Temp: 73
Rain: .00
Rain Days: 0
Weather Warnings: 0

Shoulder months rates are in effect from September 15th through October 14th and the winter rates begin October 15th.