Catalina Island News

Avalon Harbor Activity Report - April 2017

City of Avalon

You know that summer is just around the corner when Joe’s rent-a-boat moorings go in, the clubs dinghy dock is installed, the Catalina Island Yacht Club float is in and the Pleasure Pier end float is in!

April saw 7 Small Craft advisories and 2 Gale warnings.  This is the fourth year in a row that there was a gale warning on April 25th.  Last year I said that was weird, but the fourth year in a row is down right bizarre!

Avalon Harbor had the pleasure of visits from the Southern California Cruising Association the first weekend of the month, and Bahia Corinthian and Huntington Harbor Yacht Clubs on the fourth weekend of the month.  These three organizations brought around 40 boats to Avalon Harbor.

I’m sure most of you heard about the unfortunate incident with the two Pit Bulls on the pier that attacked a man and his small dog.  We are very proud of Patrol Officer Flickinger and Assistant Harbor Master JJ Poindexter.  They both responded immediately and were able to get the injured to the Paramedics and the dogs under control, and off the pier.  Additionally, they accomplished this without sustaining any injuries to themselves.  We also want to give a special acknowledgement to Jay Guion, who took the small injured dog to the veterinarian.

April 2017 stats are as follows:
People aboard boats: 2,976
Vessels Moored: 744
Vessels Anchored: 62
Moorings Sold / Transferred: 4
Citations Issued / Discharges: 0/0
Total Cruise Ship Passengers: 23,332
Average Temp – High: 67
Average Temp – Low: 54.5
Average Sea Temp: 62
Rain (inches): .06
Rain Days: 2
Weather Warnings: 9