Catalina Island News

Avalon Harbor Activity Report - August 2015

City of Avalon

As expected, August was busy, busy, busy!  All moorings were sold out by Friday every week, with several boats on anchor hoping for a mooring to open up.  Even weekdays in Avalon Harbor were almost full.  However, by the fourth week, it was obvious that many schools had started early.  Going into September, 83% of the Avalon Harbor moorings were occupied.

From August 4th to the 6th, Avalon Harbor was fortunate to have a visit from the vessel Sapphire Sea II, and on board Ms. Rose Kaplan, 102 years young.  The 87 foot, wooden vessel was built by Ms. Kaplan’s late husband in 1972.  Her captain, Jimmy, has been with the boat almost since the beginning and is considered a part of the family.

The Tuna Club held a fishing tournament on August 29th.  Twenty-four boats participated and 32 fish were caught.  All but 3 fish were released!  The club’s goal is zero caught, but sometimes circumstances result in capture.

August 2015 stats are as follows:
People aboard boats: 8,424
Vessels Moored: 2,106
Vessels Anchored: 146
Moorings Sold / Transferred: 2
Citations Issued / Discharges: 1
Total Cruise Ship Passengers: 23,612
Average Temp: High 75 /  Low 66
Average Sea Temp: 74
Rain: 0
Weather Warnings: 0

Shoulder months rates are in effect from September 15th through October 14th and the winter rates begin October 15th.