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Avalon Firefighter John Meffert Honored for Bravery

City of Avalon

Supervisor Janice Hahn honored Avalon Fire Department Captain John Meffert who is credited with saving two individuals trapped in the wreckage of a June 30th plane crash on the 405.  Supervisor Hahn presented Captain Meffert with an official County scroll in appreciation of his bravery.

Captain John Meffert was off-duty on June 30th when he was driving on the 405 freeway toward John Wayne Airport and noticed an aircraft flying unusually low.  It was only seconds later that he realized the aircraft was headed straight toward him. The plane hit the front of Captain Meffert’s vehicle but he was able to maintain control of his car.

The small plane carrying a pilot and passenger crashed a short distance away from him on the 405 freeway.  Although the plane was nearly engulfed in flames, Captain Meffert was able to pull both the passenger and pilot out of the wreckage and to safety.  He was also able to perform an initial lower neurological check on the victims and direct other individuals that had gotten out of their cars to help.

“Most of us run from danger, Captain Meffert is one of the few who regularly runs towards it,” said Supervisor Hahn.  “He demonstrated extraordinary heroism putting his own life on the line to save the lives of two strangers in need.  That is why, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and the entire County family, I am proud to offer Captain Meffert this scroll in appreciation of his bravery.”