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Alison Osinski to give Comprehensive Digital Seminar January 24

Los Angeles County Public Library

A digital seminar presented by Alison Osinski and funded by the Friends of the Avalon Library is scheduled for January 24 from 7-9 p.m. at the library. Once again, a member of the audience will win a new mini iPad donated through a grant written by the Friends of the Library.

The Thursday, January 5 seminar led by Alison Osinski, was an in-depth, hands-on lesson on digital navigation and the use of charts, apps and other electronic aides related to boating. Osinski had handouts on low-cost or free apps boaters can download and gave comprehensive explanations as to how digital devices could be used to make navigation safer and easier.

Osinski, a boat captain, who regularly speaks at boating conventions and is an expert on matters related to water, was "fantastic," according to one audience member. This seminar went well into the 2 hour limit provided by the County library system which helps support the activities at the Avalon library.

The digital seminars are an effort by the Friends and the LA County Library system to encourage patrons to become familiar with the electronic direction that is the future of libraries. To this end, the library has increased its WiFi capacity which is free to all and can be accessed 24 hours a day by stopping in at the desk to get the code.

"So many things can be done now on your Smart phone or Nook or Kindle," said Judy Grear. "We used to think we needed a big building for our books, but now you can order books, do research, download music and magazines on iPads and phones and all manner of devices. We still pay for first-run books and best sellers as well as newspapers through the Friends, but we hope people will learn how easy and convenient it is to use the library system and take advantage of all the things they can do anywhere they are.

The library is currently undergoing a complete renovation of the exterior. This will give more seating for people to use the outside and will be more accessible for all users. During this time, the library is open. "It just takes a little effort to find the entrance," said Grear. "But we hope people will come to the Tuesday Jan. 24 seminar and then to the Feb. 2 health-related seminar."
Future Digital seminars will be on Feb. 14 and March 14.