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Action Flyboarding is taking flight off Catalina

Action Flyboarding

Move over, flying fish. Catalina now has Flyboarding. Brought to Catalina for residents and visitors alike, Action Flyboarding is the largest Flyboarding operation in the world. This adventure-packed activity marks the first new activity concessionaire here in six years.

If you have not seen Flyboarding, it allows riders to actually “fly” above the water, propelled by a Yamaha Waverunner. The Flyboard is attached to the Waverunner by a long industrial hose. The Flyboard receives its power by pressure  from the Waverunner which creates propulsion to send the rider into the air.

“Once our flyers get their groove on they can hover like a helicopter, fly forward like Iron Man or spin around like a top,” said Belinda Bain, the owner/operator of  Action Flyboarding. Participating in Flyboarding can be a singular or group activity.

Flyers each have an instructor for a one-on-one half hour flight session prior to flying.

A single rider, or a group, also get a boat ride to and from the Action Flyboarding barge. Four people can “fly” at one time, making it a fun couple or group activity. Children must be at least 15 to participate.

Safety is of primary concern and riders wear helmets and special vests.

Action Flyboarding is located at the end of the Green Pier at the Catalina Adventure Tours and will operate daily (except Wednesdays) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost is $159 per person for the 90 minute adventure. Weight limit is 275 pounds.