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32nd Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup Results

Catalina Island Conservancy

For the the first time in Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup history divers were allowed access to Lover’s Cove along Pebbly Beach Road. The 2.5 tons of trash was collected by 461 divers in the 2013 Cleanup held February 23rd. The breakdown of the trash by location was Casino 1,430 lbs, Step Beach 890 lbs, Green Pier 1,680 lbs and Lover’s Cove 920 lbs.

Trash awards

  • CLOTHING: For an original “JAWS” T Shirt – Bill White
  • ELECTICAL: A garbage disposal – Keith Kogan
  • FUNNIEST: “Party in a Bag”: assorted fun items, Mardi Gras beads, dollar bill , fly swatter, etc. – The Ybarra brothers
  • FURNITURE/HOUSEHOLD: perfectly good doormat – Crystal Sims
  • NEWEST: 2013 boat registration and unexpired credit card – The Ybarra brothers
  • OLDEST: We have a tie – Barnett’s Standard Extract bottle – Jamie Siler
    intact porcelain teacup – Cheryl Siler
    intact ballast bottle – Wilson Rose
  • PERVERTED: “A Swing and a Miss”: men’s briefs, golf balls, battery – Denise Hurst
  • SMALLEST: computer key – Lenn Bell
  • SPORTING GOODS: baseball with no cover, from Cub’s Sprint Training”
  • VALUABLE: Cash in Hand Safeway $25 Gift Card – Kohl Schlunegger
  • WORTHLESS: 18th Annual (2006) Jazz Festival Banner – Scott Nichol
  • MOST SPIRITED DIVE TEAM: for enthusiasm over their “trashy” finds – Larry and Ruth Harris
  • KEN KURTIS SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL AWARD: Kohl Schlunegger for “Crabalope” story
  • RODENBERRY DIVE TEAM TRASHY DIVER AWARD: For trash that is the “spaciest.” In honor of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge’ pre-VISOR (actually a white cane) – Jeff Reimer
  • GOLDEN FLIPPER AWARD: The Golden Flipper Award is given to a loyal and dedicated volunteer who contributes above and beyond to make help the event the great success it is. -- Leann St. Louis
  • JON HARDY AWARD: In 2004, the Catalina Conservancy Divers created an award in memory of Jon Hardy. Jon was a local diver whose involvement with the dive community spanned decades. He was probably best known for his testing of dive equipment that was published every year by Rodales. Jon also worked tirelessly to promote diving and diving safety. Thus, the Jon Hardy Award is given to someone who plays a role in diving safety and making sure all of us can continue to have fun while being safe. – Dr. Jeff Sipsey

All proceeds of the 32nd Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup benefit the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber and the Catalina Island Conservancy's Robert E. Given Fund for Ocean Conservation and Educational Outreach. The USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber is a 24/7 emergency recompression facility on Catalina that serves thousands of divers who frequent the waters of Southern California. The Conservancy’s Given Fund has been instrumental in producing educational materials such as the Marine Protection and YOU brochure, the Blue Boat Home video, and the field guide to Catalina’s marine life, informing the public of Catalina’s extraordinary marine environment. The Catalina Conservancy Divers is a support group of the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Next year's Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup will be Saturday, February 22, 2014.

Quote: “With all the positive feedback, it looks like we'll do all locations again next year,” said Jill Boivin, Event Chair of the Avalon Underwater Cleanup.