Catalina Island News

2nd Annual BZ Jones Cross Catalina Hike

Catalina Island Conservancy

The Marineros, a Catalina Island Conservancy support group, invite you to join a fun spring social event wrapped around a spectacular bit of exercise. The 11-mile BZ Jones Hike crosses Catalina's widest section from Ben Weston Beach to Whites Landing. In between are rest and lunch stops at the historic Bosky Dell and Blackjack Camp.

This is the best time of the year for the hike, with cool spring temperatures, a verdant Island, and many native and endemic plant species in bloom. The hike honors the late Graham "BZ" Jones, offshore sailor, adventurer, and ardent supporter of the Catalina Island Conservancy. Register for the hike online at our website.

This Catalina Marineros event celebrates the memory of Graham "BZ" Jones, offshore sailor, NHYC member and supporter of the Catalina Conservancy. The goal is to raise funds toward the restoration of the historic Eagle’s Nest Lodge at Middle Ranch, Catalina.