Catalina Island News

13 New Pop-Up Sites at Little Harbor Targeted for Summer

Catalina Island Conservancy

The Conservancy and Two Harbors Enterprises (THE) aim to have 13 total pop-up sites available at Little Harbor in time for summer, according to Conservancy chief operating officer Mel Dinkel. Seven new sites will join the four existing pop-up sites at Little Harbor and the two existing multiple-use sites, bringing the total available for pup-ups to 13.

Dinkel reported that the baker's dozen pop-up sites will be achieved by adding three additional sites adjacent to existing sites 15, 16 and 17 on the bluff overlooking Little Harbor, and four additional sites in the meadow area adjacent to campsite 14. Campsites number 1 and 2 will continue as multiple-use sites.

"All of the new sites are in the most desirable areas of the campsite," noted Dinkel, himself an avid camper. "They come with great views and privacy."

The addition of pop-us sites was one of actions penned during the Windward Beaches Working Group meetings, in part, to compensate for the transition of Shark Harbor to tent-camping only in keeping with its designation by Los Angeles County as a "Primative Beach." Dinkel noted that the addition of sites at Little Harbor not only creates additional capacity there, but also "opens up new opportunities for primitive camping at Shark.

"We feel that this plan is a win-win for those with pop-ups as well as tent campers," he said.

The transition at Shark Harbor will take place as soon as the new pop-ups sites become available, which should be sometime this summer, "barring," said Dinkel, "any unforeseen delays on the part of Los Angeles County Regional Planning," the agency which is issuing permits for the changes.

Based on recommendations by Island community members, including the families of youth injured recently at Little Harbor, management of both Little and Shark Harbors will now be provided by trained THE and Conservancy staff and volunteer Rangers. Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies will assist Rangers in enforcing all posted rules. "Public safety has always been a top concern and continues to be," Dinkel said, adding that the change in management at Shark Harbor is effective immediately.

Reservations Through THE
As soon as the new campsites are available at Little Harbor, reservations will be able to be made through the existing reservation system that serves all THE-managed campgrounds.

Leslie Baer, communications officer for the Conservancy, said that the Conservancy and THE will notify the local community as soon as the new pop-up sites become available through notice provided to Avalon newspapers and on applicable web sites. At that time, also, signage posted last week regarding campground rules and regulations will be amended to refer pop-up campers to Little Harbor, she said.

Dinkel said he doesn't have any reason to believe that there will be delays in construction of the new pop-up sites, but that should there be, "no change in pop-up site availability will be made at Shark Harbor until the new sites are available at Little Harbor."